Monday, August 1, 2011

new instore :: 5 pack vintage map envelopes

Do you remember our Hello notecards with vintage map envelopes? Ever since we have listed them in our online store they have been running out the door quicker then we can print them off the press! Due to many requests to be able to buy our vintage map envelopes by themselves, we are now pleased as punch to let you know, that yes, indeed you can.

Our envelopes are made from the original pages of vintage atlases which have been die cut on Herbie our 1973 Heidelberg Platen into beautiful envelopes complete with scalloped flap and an adhesive dot to seal. Our envelopes have been folded and finished by hand and each and every envelope is one of a kind.

Each 5 pack of envelopes features a sticker on the front packaging which outlines the original atlas which has been used to form each pack of envelopes. The examples shown are from a 1968 Readers Digest Atlas of Australia. Each pack will vary dependent upon the original atlas the pages have been sourced from, and this will be outlined on the front sticker.

The envelopes measures 11cm wide by 14.5cm high which is a perfect size to fit standard cards. They are $12.95 and are available for purchase while stocks last via our online store here.


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