Monday, August 22, 2011

love :: envelope liners

Envelope liners would have to be one of my greatest loves. After letterpress of course, the introduction of an envelope liner to a stationery suite can really take a lovely letterpress package and turn it into a stunning suite.

Our linings are all designed to suit each wedding - like our invitations we don't have a catalogue of standard designs, we design these to suit the letterpress wedding stationery. Designing our liners is usually one of our last steps in the design process - I quite like working this way as I think it allows the lining design to really evolve to suit the stationery perfectly.

Once we have designed our liners we print them on our 100% cotton stocks and each liner like our invitations each liner is cut by hand. We then hand insert into the envelopes and adhere using special adhesive tapes. Stuffing envelopes with linings is probably one of our most fun jobs here in the studio. I know that both Megan and Louise who assist in production love lining time, we sit, we stuff, we tape and we chat away. It really is quite lovely in so many ways.

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