Monday, April 11, 2011

weekend finds

How was your weekend lovelies? Amongst some printing I enjoyed quite a lovely and wonderful weekend with visits with friends, antique browsing and some very inspiring conversations!

Some of my favourite finds this weekend handful of beautiful old postcards from the early 1900's - my favourite is dated 02.11.1906 and was addressed to Mrs J Wheaton of "Hubbard's" Farm, Hornchucrch, Essex and reads

Dear Auntie, Received permission form B of E this morning. Are you having wet weather? Hope you are all well, and children are able to go to school. With love to all, from us both, and thank you very much, I am your loving niece, Maudie.

Also found this weekend was a collection of booked from the Mental Efficiency Series printed in 1937 by Angus and Robertson in Castlereagh Street Sydney. Our collection features Personality: How to build it, Influence: How to exert it, Speech: how you use it effectively, Practicality: How to acquire it and Perseverance: How to develop it.

Words of wisdom from Personality: How to build it
"First of all, to impress your personality, be yourself. Copy no one. Do not assume the manner or style of others. Follow your own temperament. Do not let anyone say of you: "He has the manner of such and such a one." Make them say: "He is entirely original." Be that, and you will commence to be someone".

Looks like I have got some interesting reading to do - I'll make sure I pop back with some more words of wisdom in the next coming weeks!


  1. I truly need that book on personality, lol!

  2. I love finding things like those postcards! It's almost like a secret insight into people's lives.

  3. Where are your favourite antique shops in Brisbane?

  4. Hi Janet, I have so many different places that I love to trawl and browse. Paddington and Newfarm areas are fabulous, however I also do love local second hand shops where the best bargains can usually be found!


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