Tuesday, April 26, 2011

morning sun

Hello friends, how is your Easter long weekend going? We have enjoyed some lovely sunshine here in Brisbane. Talking of sunshine, have I ever told you how Miss Ruby Tuesday always sits in this spot above each morning? She gets just the right amount of sunshine on the top of head to warm her up for the day. I know the feeling, I love a little touch of the sun each day.

Our long weekend has flown by with some printing, much sleeping, just a little chocolate (okay, maybe more then a little) and a day trip down south for a lovely lunch by the sea. Today we are back in the studio one day early to get on top of some work - hopefully you can do some relaxing and enjoy this last public holiday for us instead!

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  1. She is so gorgeous! I'm glad you've got some sun, it's miserable down here in Sydney.


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