Thursday, April 28, 2011

ampersand letterpress print now available!

Sometime ago we did a limited edition letterpress print based around our all time favourite character of the alphabet - the Ampersand. We designed our very own ampersand and it was completed with a simple and gorgeously written description of this fabulous character.

This print flew out of our doors in record time and ever since we have had many requests for us to print another edition. Today I am pleased to tell you that we have finally had a chance to do so!

This edition has been hand printed on our antique letterpress printing presses and printed in a timeless combination of French Navy and Ivory ink on white 100% cotton tree free stocks. Each print measures 8.5" x 11" and has been printed as a limited run of 150 prints. They are $45 each and are available via our online store here.


  1. just divine. you guys are too awesome.

  2. Oh, it's beautiful. I might just have to buy myself a congratulatory gift for my new job! I am an editor, after all...


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