Friday, April 29, 2011

happy weekend sweets

My goodness, Friday afternoon already. Deary me, time has run away on us. again.

Hayden has a little saying (to make fun of me no doubt) - I say "Deary me" he says "Deary deary you" with all the appropriate levels of affection combined with sarcasm. Obviously I say it far too much. Life inside studio, as well as out of it can so hectic. Do you sometimes feel deary too?

As we finish up for the week and prepare for the weekend, I leave you with some photos of some David Austens we recently had scattered around the house. They certainly made me feel very lucky and not deary at all.


P. S Before we sign off for another week we also want to say a very big thank you to Paper Crave, The House that AM built and BDR Studio for their super lovely blog posts of late, you guys are too sweet. If you have blogged about us please to do let us know so we can give lots of love and thanks! xox


  1. Gorgeous Austins... if only they would last more than a few days in Brissy!!

  2. A little late, but you are welcome!!! Your work is beautiful and I am so inspired every time I stop here!


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