Thursday, October 15, 2009

"treasures untold" by courtney brims

We must apologise for the delay in yesterdays featured illustrator. We have had a wee little internet issue which has slowed us down! But with out much more ado and lots of love - today we are featuring the gorgeous "Treasures Untold" by Courtney Brims. A local Brisbane illustrator whose illustration style we admire so greatly! You may have seen her gorgeous illustration she created for The Finders Keepers Brisbane Market coming up this month. You can even pop by and visit Courtney as she will also be selling her gorgeous wares as well.

Name: Courtney Brims
Location: Brisbane
Age: 24
About Courtney: Working with pencils, Australian illustrator Courtney Brims creates dreamy worlds of lost girls and bewildering creatures, focusing on the beauty of nature and its dominance over time. She combines subtle surrealism and intricate detailing into her works that provoke a sense of curiosity and nostalgia.
My Illustration is about "Treasures Untold" tells the story of the Little Mermaid during her post-mermaid days as she sits upon one of her prized possessions reminiscing about her days under the sea.
I love being an illustrator because I do what I love everyday!
I am excited about this project because I get to have my artwork handprinted beautifully by letterpress.

If you love Courtney's print "Treasures Untold" it is available through our online store as a limited edition signed and numbered print for $65.00. Each print also also comes with the illustrators story and information behind the print. Enter the code SALE to receive 10% off store wide until the 16th of October.

Dont forget to entire our Giveaway of all Giveaways where you can win not only Courtneys gorgeous print, but our entire bespoke illustrators project of 10 prints. More info can be found here.

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