Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"a motley brew" by grace lee

Todays Illustration is by the gorgeous Grace Lee. We are ever so jealous that she works as a graphic designer for the ever lovely Inside Out Magazine, where you may have seen her beautiful hand drawn typography she creates. When Grace submitted her illustration we were smitten by the oh so sweet tea cups, tea pots and tea cosies. Featuring some of her own beautiful hand drawn typography, how could you not love this print if your a little bit of a tea cup fan.

Name: Grace Lee
Location: Sydney AUSTRALIA
Age: 29
Occupation: designer
About Grace: Through her looking glass Grace Lee has a unique view on the world. Grace's drawings transform ordinary things like tea cups and cats are into cheeky, curious creatures with a life of their own. A magazine designer from Sydney, Grace loves indoor climbing, learning trapeze, drawing cakes and eating cakes! Creating 3D felt cake replicas is her newest venture. Family is at the very top of the things she loves especially her niece- ruby coco.
My illustration brews together all that is special about tea time, which with a nice pot and cup and good company always makes us feel cosy.
I love being an illustrator because it's not about being 'right' or technically perfect.
I am excited about this project because it is run by by an Australian company, and because emerging illustrators have an opportunity to get their work 'out there' in a very unique way. The letterpress aspect takes this project to another level. I've never had anything letterpressed!

If you love Graces print "A Motley Brew" it is available through our online store as a limited edition signed and numbered print for $65.00. Each print also also comes with the illustrators story and information behind the print. Enter the code SALE to receive 10% off store wide until the 16th of October.

Dont forget to entire our Giveaway of all Giveaways where you can win not only Graces gorgeous print, but our entire bespoke illustrators project of 10 prints. More info can be foundhere.


  1. hi there
    i'm a huge fan of your blog...
    just letting you know that you've been awarded a 'lovely blog award'...
    you can check out all the details here..
    best wishes

  2. "Drawing cakes and eating cakes" - I like that idea. Love this print. I've had a strange fascination with teapots lately so this print's right up my alley.

    I also have Grace's design on my beloved Moleskine. Though I did flick white paint all over it the other night by accident (as well as myself)! But now it looks like a true artist's diary ;)

    These 10 artist prints are such a good idea. I'm looking forward to reading about each one.


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