Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"the smell of the sea" by inês fernandes

Today's featured illustrator is the simply lovely Inês Fernandes. Originally from Portugal, Inês now resides in Berlin Germany. As soon as we saw her gorgeous illustration "The Smell of the Sea" we knew it would be a perfect candidate for letterpress printing. The gorgeous illustrative pattern throughout the fish creates such a stunning impression into the paper. The strong bold use of colour and fabulous use of positive negative space creates such a dynamic effect when printed.

Name: Inês Fernandes
Location: Originally from Portugal, but now living in Berlin Germany
Age: 29
About Inês: Inês grew up close to the sea in a small country by the coast, but new adventures and new experiences made her move to a place where winters are cold and white. She learned how to appreciate a good cup of hot tea and warm gloves. From time to time, she misses the smell of salty water, sand on her feet and the warm summer days spent on the beach.
My Illustration is about summer days and how I miss them. Being from Portugal and having lived close to the ocean for a very long time. I now live in Germany and I don't have the chance to go to the beach on a very hot day. I really miss those days... The smell of the sea, the feeling of sand, the soft breeze...
I love being an illustrator because i like to see ideas grow. I like to work on something where I can use my imagination and my hands.
I am excited about this project because It gives illustrators the opportunity of having work printed with a beautiful old letterpress machine. Besides that, it's always nice when people want to support artists and work hard to come up with a project like this one. Thank you!

If you love Inês print "The Smell of the Sea" it is available through our online store as a limited edition signed and numbered print for $65.00. Each print also also comes with the illustrators story and information behind the print. Enter the code SALE to receive 10% off store wide until the 16th of October.

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