Monday, March 9, 2009

Kristie & Ken Save the Date Cards

How was your weekend my friends? We worked all weekend, but did manage to squeeze in a little beach walk with Ruby on Sunday. Such a great way to start the day! We also have almost finished painting the studio. Oh joy, its so beautiful and white!

We also printed quite a few projects over the weekend but did have the loveliest time printing save the date cards for the gorgeous Kristie and her hubbie to be Ken. I had illustrated these Phalaenopsis Orchids several weeks ago, and its such a beautiful moment to pull the first impression out of the press and to see just how lovely it looks once printed.

We also printed envelopes and got a little creative with how we applied the illustration. It sits on the back flap and then continues partially over the front of the envelope too. It looks quite lovely and it will be such a special envelope to receive in the mail!


  1. Your illustrations are beautiful!
    You are a clever little bee...and a very busy one...Do you sleep?

  2. Great works!
    like your blog and your design!


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