Thursday, March 5, 2009

julia & angus wedding stationery

This week has been a very busy week for us cutting, lining and assembling a wedding order for the lovely Julia and Angus. We know that there are quick ways of doing things, but somehow we always seem to find the most challenging ways to go about things, to make the end result just that bit better.

We could use our guillotine to cut, but we instead choose to use our trusty scalpel and ruler and slice through each and every sheet - It makes the cut just that bit more perfect. We could buy lined envelopes but instead we prefer to lovingly hand line each and every one. And we could not line the back of the invitations and cards, but really that would only be half doing the job so we line these as well.

After a week in production, some serious worn away marks on our fingers from the scalpel and a huge mess in the studio, this gorgeous wedding set is all packaged and ready for delivery. We certainly don't do things the quick way - it must be obsessive perfectionists way of doing things!


  1. oh but the results are just stunning Alischa! And although your fingers must be so sore - it really sets them apart. The curse of perfectionism!

    I think you will have some very happy customers on your hands!

  2. Just beautiful! I especially love the envelopes, so elegant..

  3. Again so lovely...
    You must have a sore neck and shoulders from all that leaning over cutting with the scalpel.
    hey, I just watched Seven Pounds and think that I saw a press like yours in the film...
    Ok, maybe not exactly the same but it sure looked like yours... it was really nice to see how it actually worked, having seen so many of your works via this blog.....

  4. As some who carries around those hand cut masterpieces everyday.. i can say we appreciate your hardwork. The reaction has been fantastic!

    This is stunning stationary. Beautiful fonts and some lovely detail.

  5. Stunning design and execution! I adore your work.


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