Thursday, March 5, 2009

in the almost white studio today

Its been a very much white sort of day today.

Our white undercoat went on our new studio walls - I could kiss it, its all so lovely and bright. Two more coats, and it will be a white printers paradise.

We also printed white on good old Charlie today - We are working on a gorgeously fabulous project with the most inspiring local Brisbane artist, its so very exciting, we cant wait to share it with you soon.

Meanwhile amongst all the white excitement, Ruby Tuesday found the gorgeously retro painters drop sheet, got herself splotched in white paint and then managed to spend a lazy day asleep in the bright white room. Its a tough life being a studio dog!

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  1. Oh it sounds like the horribly tough life that my studio dog has too. The big decisions - do I lie down here? Or over here? Or here maybe? (Spin in circles 34 times before settling.)

    I love white walls too. It's just so uplifting. Have fun :)


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