Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cleburne Homestead

My lovelies, I hope that you had a most lovely weekend. We headed away for a little trip - part business, part holiday. The business part of our trip was supposed to send us to Wellington New Zealand, but a late night phone call the day before our departure saw some quick speedy changes and we headed down to Hobart in Tasmania instead.

Having never ventured this far south in Australia before I was excited to experience some real Tasmanian history so we stayed at the gorgeous 1820's Cleburne Homestead. We stayed in The Bakehouse which is a magnificent old stone barn building which features the original baker’s fireplace and oven in which the bread for the whole estate was made. With the most stunning exposed stonework, original artworks by Irene Barberis, and big deep two person bath and fabulous breakfast - it was simply the most lovely little trip and we highly recommend Cleburne should you ever be down chilly Hobart way!


  1. Yay for lovely business trips :)

    I have wanted to go to Tassie for AGES - thank you for the recommendation - Cleburne looks delightful & a relaxing place to stay!

  2. Looove your photos :-) the second one is particularly awesome.

    I'm glad you enjoyed Tassie - It's almost like NZ anyway, just the hills are smaller, teehee.
    I trust you sampled some of the fabulous wine?

  3. I have always wanted to go to Tassie. Tracey went there 11 years ago. Looks like a lovely little place to visit. Hayley

  4. What fantastic photos...welcome back!

  5. It looks gorgeous! And even more so if it was cold...when is it ever going to get cold here in Brisbane...hurry up winter!

  6. Hi. David and Penelope here. Love your website. Many thanks for the kind words about Cleburne. We look forward to seeing you when you next visit Tasmania.


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