Thursday, March 24, 2011


Out on the back grass today I found this precious little home. Sitting haphazardly in the garden it had fallen from one of the many trees above. Such a delicate little home, no more then 5cm wide. It makes me quite sad to think that this little nest has been a home and what has happened to its family, I guess we never will know.

With little hints of blue twine it really is the sweetest little nest. But what shall we do with it now - pop it back in a tree and maybe it will become a new home for someone one day?

Friends this is our last post for a few days, but we will be back mid next week. We are headed super early tomorrow morning to Melbourne for the Finders Keepers Market - we might just see you there!


  1. Oh how that little nest makes my heart melt! Especially the hint of blue through it.

    I suppose you could pop it back in a tree... I don't know what the chances are of it ever being re-used but it would be nice to think it was there if the need rose.

    The tiny wrens at my place build similar nests, and they pinch bits of dog fur off his outdoor bed to line the inside so it's soft and warm - so cute!!

  2. How precious! I think popping it back in the tree is a lovely idea. Oh, I love Finders Keepers. Can't wait until they come back to Briss. Have fun x

  3. oh that's insanely beautiful!




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