Monday, March 7, 2011

sara & ian :: wedding stationery

Last week I showed you a fabulous Blue we had been mixing on the ink table. Well today I am super excited to show it all printed and looking gorgeous!

Sara and Ian are based in Adelaide however they contacted us sometime ago to design and print invitations for their wedding which is being held in Santorini, Greece in May this year.

For their wedding Sara and Ian were planning a small intimate wedding and as their immediate family and close friends were willing to travel across the world they put on their thinking caps. Sara was born in Greece, although having never been back since they decided to make the most of the opportunity and have chosen to have their wedding perched upon the stunning Santorini cliffs. Totally jealous!

For their invitation we designed a very intricate illustration based upon images of the Santorini cliff side which Sara supplied us with. This illustration was then printed in a very light ivory ink coupled with our new fabulous blue (nicknamed Santorini Blue funny enough).

We coupled this gorgeously detailed illustration with very simple and relaxed typography and printed these on our 100% cotton stocks in a white colour for a beautiful classic contrast of blue on white.

It was such a wonderful joy to illustrate and print these invitations. We wish Sara and Ian and amazing trip, wedding and fabulous holiday to follow! If only they could find some room to squeeze us in their suitcases...


  1. Absolutely in awe by this! Gorgeous work.

  2. How funny, when I first saw that blue on your blog last week, I thought of Greece. It's beautiful.

  3. These are beyond stunning - that blue is amazing!!

  4. Yowser! I've long admired your work, but I think this is my all-time favourite! So lovely :-)

  5. I love it! These invitations reminded me of my honeymoon to Santorini, Greece and inspired me to blog about it here:

  6. Love it! and jealous beyond words - such a beautiful place. You've really done it justice.

  7. Perfect!Very beautiful work and nice idea! Very Artistic!
    Definetely can make you think of Santorini with the first look!
    Look forward to meet Sara and Ian in Santorini on May!


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