Tuesday, March 1, 2011

on the mixing table

We have been mixing and printing the most amazing shade of blue here in the studio, Although since we mixed the above ink I have been finding bits of blue ink all through the studio. I don't know what it is about blue ink, but out of all the inks it is always the one that always travels the furthest around here.

I find it on the studio floor, walls, fingers, feet and doggy paws. Now don't think we are messy - because we do keep the studio quite clean, but some how this sneaky blue ink finds its way to explore the studio. One tiny little blob makes it way off the mixing table and we find it for months to come. We never seem to have this issue with other colours. For some unbeknown reason, blue just likes to make its mark around here.


  1. When I do relief printing its the blue inks that give me trouble! My guess is that darn stuff gets further because it can take quite a while to dry.
    Such a lovely color you have mixed, it's my favorite actually.

  2. the most beautiful of blues...Ingrid x


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