Thursday, June 10, 2010

a letterpress lesson

Have we ever shown you a chase before? Ours is an original off our press - circa 1893. Inside you lock up a base with bits of timber and metal furniture, pop in some quoins and tighten it all up with a quoin key. I love this process, so old and beautiful, and reminds me all just a little bit of tetris. It must be strong and solid to withstand the turning and churning of the press.

Oh and we don't recommend every dropping a chase, especially near your toes... we did once, it wasn't pretty.


  1. I just went thru some older posts, I love the feeling of the letter press invite. Yours are extrordinary.

  2. Just saw your fantastic invitations on the Paper Crave Blog! Congrats! Was so excited for you! Have a great weekend.



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