Monday, June 21, 2010

a day out and about

We took a very rare day out and about yesterday. Life here at the house and studio has been very busy with lots of orders, finders keepers preparations and never ending renovations, so we stole our escape and headed out and went exploring for the day.

We went for a Sunday drive up to Mt Glorious, Jollys Lookout and Mt Nebo. We did a touch of antique exploring, a tad of shopping and as always some wonderful eating. While driving through the winding roads of Mt Nebo we spotted the Cafe Boombana, with signage for the best scones in the world - how could we not resist?

And I must admit, it was the highlight of our trip. Sitting out under the rainforest bush, with our huge scones and excellent coffee we had an audience of 5 kookaburras most envious of our treat - delicious indeed!


  1. What a gorgeous way to spend a winter Sunday!
    The images are great [how big are those scones?], especially the kookaburras.
    We've got a little band of 4 living around our house at the moment whom I've 'kitschly' named the beatles as they regularly sing to us and have brilled-back hairdos [ala the fab four's early days].

    Here's to a great week of winter sunshine in our special corner of the earth,


  2. We have been meaning to take a drive up to Mt Glorious, etc for so long! I have never been there, even though it's so close, so thanks for the reminder. It looks lovely! We might even have to try out those scones too!

  3. that really does sound lovely!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day out and about. I love the photos.


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