Monday, June 7, 2010

being missed

Hello friends! We are back in the studio after our quick little trip. Mr H had a few days in Bali for work so we made it a little adventure and had a lovely time.

Meanwhile, back here in the studio Little Miss Ruby Tuesday held down the fort. She definitely missed us and hasn't left my side since we returned. Sitting here at our studio desk she sits right on my foot and stares at me with her happiest little face. Such a happy little muffin.


  1. What a smile! I bet there's been lots and lots of foot hugging. Doggy-hugs are one the real delights in life although Ubud and other Balinese treasurelands aren't to be sniffed at either. Felicity

  2. This made me smile - so cute!

  3. Exciting! .....are you going to reveal more about your Bali adventure :-)


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