Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Telegram World Map

For a while now we have been on the hunt for a large picture to hang above our bed. I was thinking of a really dramatic oil painted landscape of sweeping clouds. But of course I never found it, and even if I did, having a king size bed it would need a monstrous sized artwork which would be way beyond our means.

And then one happy day I stumbled across the Telegram World Map. We loved its light colour scheme, its beautifully crafted cartography, and the fact that it was exactly the perfect width to fit above a king size bed. It was a beautiful reflection upon our love of travels and finding far flung places across the globe to explore. It was a very happy day indeed.

So now it hangs in our bed room, and I must admit, there have been a few episodes of us standing on the bed, looking at the map and saying "Where shall we go next honey?"

What a bad bad thing we may have started.


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