Thursday, March 4, 2010

the production side of things

Have we ever shown you this side of the studio? This is our big 10 seater table where we sit and do all the post production work on our letterpress goodies. Trimming, cutting, stuffing of envelopes and packaging of our beauties ready for their new home.

Around the table you can usually find myself and our beautiful assistant Louise, and ever so occasionally Hayden escapes the presses and comes and helps out too. Its a happy place this table - we listen to music, eat yummy food, have a few giggles and most off all, we admire the final product and remember the many months of design and printing that have lead to this moment. It is indeed a happy table.


  1. You have the most beautiful studio! I love the concept of the big table :)

  2. beautiful room Alischa! Looks so peaceful...

  3. Sounds very relaxing and peaceful.....Hope your week has been lovely. Melinda xo

  4. That room looks so light and lovely! I love big wooden tables :)

  5. what a lovely calming shot. thank you x


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