Thursday, March 11, 2010

remembering moana

On our way back home from NY earlier this year we broke our travels up with a few days in LA and a few days in Hawaii. Whilst hunting for a hotel to stay at in Honolulu I stumbled across this gorgeous hotel called the Moana Surfrider. This gorgeous hotel opened it doors in 1901, and I must admit - it certainly didn't disappoint!! I could have spent all day standing in the foyer admiring that beautiful staircase and classic tropical furniture styling. With white wicker rocking chairs lining the veranda, and a beautiful sense of tropical sophistication, Oh my, I could have moved in and stayed forever.


  1. This place looks so amazing...that floor rug is perfection, as is all the furntiture! I'm going to save these pics to my favourites and try and convince my husband that we need to go to Hawaii for a holiday instead of the snow! Tracey xx

  2. It is sooo beautiful! We didn't stay here whilst we were in Honolulu - just admired from afar.

  3. Oooo memories! I actually stayed there on my honeymoon! Two years ago, just before Christmas. It was the first place we stayed at in Hawaii and we got to spend Christmas there! Gorgeous. My most beloved memory is of the out of this world breakfast banquet!! Mmmm could just eat some now!

  4. Oh wow! My Fiancé and I are considering the Moana Surfrider for our honeymoon!

    I think you may have helped us make up our minds!

  5. A great find...I could spend the next week relaxing in such a gorgeous place! Have a great weekend. Ax


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