Friday, July 3, 2009

a winter garden

Last weekend I headed down to Sydney for a few days, to catch my breath, get some sleep and visit some lovely family members. Early one morning I took myself on a little garden stroll of my mums garden as I do each visit. Even in the dark of chilly winter the garden is starting to burst into life once again, a beautiful sign that spring really cant be that far away.

The early roses are sneaking their way into the garden, the jonquils are out in a fashion, and my parents gorgeous collection of magnolias are bursting with buds and about to release their glory. All the while a scattering of Autumn leaves are still holding on, a beautiful juxtaposition between the seasons really.


  1. You take such beautiful photographs!

  2. I loved the photos. Spring is the best season. The most poetic one. Uh, sorry, I got carried away.


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