Wednesday, July 15, 2009

day in the life of a studio dog

Its a tough life being a studio dog.

6.30am Wake up with hope that its a 7km run day with her daddy. Observe dads outfit, if yellow sports top proceed with mad excitement to the leash, if not resume morning sleep.
8.00am Breakfast
8.00 - 11am all systems go for courier alert system, reclaim sunny spot by front door, await deliveries, vocal cords prepped.
11am - 12pm Post courier visits nap. Its exhausting being that alert for so long.
12pm Head down to the studio and check out the days printing.
12.30pm Get annoyed by the clunking of the presses disrupting my sleep, climb up the stairs to my sunny spot where I can view the days proceedings in peace and quiet.
1pm-6pm Afternoon nap, occasional one eye open to oversee the studios progress, satisfied its time to catch up on some lost sleep.
6pm-7pm Depart the studio, reclaim position in by kitchen fridge, await meal delivery.
8pm Extreme excitement, run in circles, lightening fast movement speed as dinner is served.
8.30pm Exhausted after a big days printing head to bed for the night, Its a tough job being a letterpress dog.


  1. She gets away with it cause she is so cute! Look at those eyes will you...and that pink nose!

    I bet you spoil her rotten.


  2. Oh yes, there's a very similar "tough" routine that happens around here. But dogs make days in the studio so much better :)

  3. Such a lovely dog! What breed is she?

  4. She is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Such a sweet girl, but she will tell you she certainly has a very hectic daily schedule!!

  5. OMG! That was my first guess but I didn't think you could get the breed over here!! Any chance of the breeders details? It would mean so much - I've been considering getting a dog for the last year and a half and holding out because this was the breed I wanted but couldn't find locally!!! Thought I'd have to wait for the Ekka to ask at the pavilions :)

  6. oh how I'd love to be able to bring my doggie to work - you're so lucky! Gorgeous dog too!


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