Tuesday, July 21, 2009

annie & julian wedding stationery

Remember last week when we pulled Herbie out of retirement and into action? His first job was a gorgeous wedding set for the lovely Annie & Julian for their springtime vineyard wedding in the Hunter Valley. Featuring an invitation, accommodation & activities card and a custom designed map of the Hunter Valley, it all sits nicely inside a lined envelope with a reply card and envelope to suit as well. Such a lovely package to receive in the mail.

What a gorgeous job Herbie did, how proud we are of our not so little new press!


  1. So beautiful - they must be thrilled with these!

  2. These look lovely! I love the blue and white design. L x

  3. oooh your work is so beautiful. love the pattern! x

  4. stunning work! truly beautiful!

  5. I really like those invites. very good. nice site you have here.


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