Monday, February 2, 2009

Things a lady should know...

What do you know, its Monday again and time for our lesson from Things A Lady Would Like To Know Concerning Domestic Management:

The head of the house must also find time for her own toilet and make the best of her personal appearance. There is no occasion for her to wear costly apparel unless she can afford it, but she must always be neat and wear what suits here and looks attractive. A lady cannot expect servants to look up to her and pay attention to their dress is she goes about in slovenly attire: in this, as in everything else must be the example to be copied.

Off you tot ladies, go perm your hair and primp your dress. You don't want to be setting a bad example for your servants do you?


  1. You know in 50 years time there will be a similar book available about us!
    And there will be a whole chapter on tips on blogging whilst getting the dinner on!

  2. Haha, wouldn't want to set a bad example for the other servants! :D

  3. "slovenly"... how often does one get to use such a word? Loving Mondays!

  4. I always clean the house in heels ... I do love her apron though!


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