Monday, February 16, 2009

in the studio with canary yellow

How have you been my lovelies?? Its been franticly busy here lately. So many meetings and so many little trips planning the most exciting new things for Bespoke. In all that huffle and chuffle I even forgot to wish you a lovely weekend, I do hope you had a nice one.

Over the last few days we have been printing some gorgeously simply business cards for the super talented Lanne from Painted With Light. Her gorgeous and stunningly natural photography combined with a lovely fresh colour combination of cool grey and canary yellow is simply the most perfect combination.

Lanne's photography of newborns, children and families is exceedingly popular here in Brisbane and last I heard she was almost booked out for the entire year - Now thats what I call Miss Popularity!

So now the cards are sitting here in the studio awaiting to be cut up and round cornering applied. Such a lovely job to work on, its almost sad when these gorgeous jobs come to an end!


  1. how beautiful is the yellow, so bright and happy x

  2. aww thank you. We love our happy yellow too :)
    Look forward to receiving the cards! Thank you for the rounded cornering.. I am sure you will be cursing my corners before long ;)

  3. love the colours! They yellow is divine.

  4. Hmmm, looks like I should book in as soon as we know we're expecting! The cards are beautiful and suit Lanne's stunning website too!

  5. They look amazing! The yellow is absolutely stunning - well done. Tracey xx

  6. I love anything that involves grey! And these look like lovely business cards. Simple and classy.

    I finally got to read my Home Beautiful on the weekend and saw your feature!

  7. YELLOW is perfect for spring!

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  8. Your colours are so incredibly delicious. Such beautiful photography. It lifts my spirits to hear how much you passionately love your work... it's so lovely to follow your delightful projects. A-M xx

  9. LOVE. Ok, I need some business cards. Can you send me some quotes? -

    Letter press is seriously my weakness A xxx

  10. OH MY WORD! I work with Lanne and absolutely LOVE how these turned out! They are beautiful, so her and TRULY professional! I need to find more reasons to hand out business cards and then I'm coming back to order me some! :)


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