Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the studio today

We have had quite a lovely day here in the studio today - It has been photo shoot day taking lots of shots of all our recent wedding stationery packages.

My favourite part of the day? Going to the florist to request a few vintage looking buds, only to be invited out the back to the cool room and allowed to go crazy choosing all the most divine beautiful flowers you have seen. Simply lovely!


  1. I bet the cool room was a lovely place to be on a hot day like today...Lovely pics.

  2. There is no greater luxury in life than to be surrounded by beautiful roses!

  3. Gorgeous – both the flowers AND the invites!

  4. Souns divine. Your photos are amazing - so crisp & clear - is this your handiwork?

  5. Sounds very nice. Wish my day was so peaceful!
    We wanted to congratulate you on all your acknowledgements this week and thought we would add one extra over at our place. You have done so well and are very inspirational. I can't wait for the excuse to buy some invitations from you too!


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