Thursday, November 13, 2008

happy early weekend!

My friends I wish you a happy early weekend. We are headed off down south this weekend to visit family and attend our first christmas function of the year. This week has been a fabulously busy week so it will be most wonderful to kick off our shoes and relax a little!

I thought I would share with you all a photo from our recent trip to Croatia which is shortly about to find a new home on our walls. Last weekend saw me trekking off to ikea to stock up on Ribba photo frames to decorate our living room with. My trolley load of frames must have looked somewhat strange as a lovely lady pointed out that my trolley load of frames was going to be expensive. Thankyou. Yes im sure most normal people don't buy $450 worth of frames at one time, But thankyou for pointing out my strangeness.

Onto news from us here at Bespoke Press we must say a very big thankyou for all the emails and newsletter sign ups this week. We promise our website will be up soon and thankyou all for your patience while we build a beautiful website worthy to inspire us all. Exciting times are ahead and we will fill you in on all the new news shortly!

And finally a very big thankyou to bellemumma & design challenge for featuring Bespoke Press this week - you guys are the sweetest!!

Hope you have a most lovely weekend too xox


  1. It's funny when people point out things in your trolley, as if you hadn't noticed putting them there yourself!

    I recently bought 15 packs of those round cork mats (45 individual ones!) to paint and make a corkboard out of. So many people pointed them out to me!

  2. You are not the only one who has spent that much on frames in ikea! not good for the old ticker!

    Enjoy you extended weekend!


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