Thursday, November 20, 2008

Enough already!

This last week Brisbane has been bashed senseless by a week of intense destructive storms, and please, we beg, who ever controls the storms please just send them away!

Our first introduction of the storms that were to come last Sunday were on a flight from Sydney back to Brisbane. When the captain tells you early in the flight to buckle in as the flight is only going to get much worse it is a slight cause for concern! It was the most turbulent, bouncing up and down, people throwing up flight of my life. I turned to my dear husband who himself is a pilot on the airline that we were flying and asked if its normally ever this rough. When he said, no this is about as bad as it gets, its not exactly reassuring! We eventually did land in Brisbane watching lightening out the windows striking trees and setting them on fire, it was an exceptional feeling to walk off that plane I tell you!

Sundays storm turned out to be horrific with so much damaged caused. Wednesday nights storm turned out to be a flooder with so many streets and houses flooded and tonights storm intense and full of hail. What a week of very little sleep. My heart goes out to those who houses were damaged on Sunday, only to be flooded on Wednesday, and then battered again tonight. You poor souls. $500 million is the expected damage and I do hope that the next storm due on Saturday never makes it.

We have thankfully fared okay, with just small flooding to the studio but powerlines down up the street. The images above from Ninemsn are taken at the entrance bridge to our peninsula - normally sunny and full of boats and fishermen, these images make me scared just looking at them!

So now please, I beg, Mr Storm Controller please go away and leave us in peace!


  1. How frightening to be on a plane in this weather. I have been lucky and not been affected by the storms. I feel for all those who have not been so fortunate. Amanda x

  2. Yes please go away, we have enough!!
    Thank you so much for your lovely message.
    I was scared in my pantry not on a plane!!! Actually my husband was flying as well and son hiking somewhere.No contact with them at all. It was really mad Sunday.

  3. that second photo is amazing.
    it looks as though
    if you were to stand on the very tips of your toes
    you just might be able to touch it with your fingers!

  4. I can't believe you were in a plane!!! how frightening!


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