Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the end is near

With only 12 more days until summer it means the end of 2008 is almost here. My favourite part of welcoming a new year and welcoming new calenders to inspire me for the year ahead!

Right now im loving are Port2Ports Press letterpress-printed calendar which also includes black and white photography as well! This is Port2Ports final calender before they move on to bigger greener pastures, so make sure you grab yours here!

And secondly last week I mentioned a new blog on the block Nora Why Not Press. This week they have launched their etsy store and have listed their fresh off the press super funky 2009 calender. Rich in legend and folklore, each month depicts an unusual use of the herb thyme, from Egyptian embalming to ancient Greek honey collecting!

Limited to only 100 calendars, each comes with a signed, numbered and dated Stamp of Authenticity on the back. What more could you possibly ask for! You can find there etsy store here.


  1. i absolutely LOVE that desk shot of the calendar.
    this is good,
    really good!

  2. lovely calendars! it is so hard to pick one isn't it??


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