Friday, July 25, 2008

The story of the filing cabinet kitty

The other morning my husband and I were woken at 5am by the sounds of Ruby our dog running berserk around the house slipping and sliding her way on our floor boards. After much investigation we decided she had suffered from a momentary lapse of early morning judgment and we went back to bed.

However, the following night I am working away on my computer and Ruby cannot take her eyes of the filing cabinet - she is absolutely perplexed. Not even her dinner could distract her eyes away, she was obsessed with the big black 4 draw filing cabinet.

I decide to investigate to find out why the filing cabinet is so suddenly the most interesting thing on the earth - it turns out the filing cabinet has infact grown itself a little kitten and it is wedged in the tiny space between the cabinet and the wall. Poor little thing, it would have been there a whole day and night (since the 5am episode).

I managed to get the poor little thing out, but it was absolutely petrified - We kept him in a nice big box overnight and a trip to the vet the next day revealed that he had not been microchipped and we could not contact the owner. The poor little kitty is now at Peninsula Animal Aid hoping his owners come looking for him!

If anyone has lost at 12-16 week ( approx) Blue & white kitten in the Redcliffe Peninsula please let me know as I would desperately love to send this little sweet thing back to its home.

In the meantime, Ruby is still perplexed by the filing cabinet... She spends each day sitting and starring, sniffing and then sitting and starring some more. Poor thing, I must wonder how long she will believe that it is a kitten producing machine!

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