Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brass Restoration

Our Queenslander was built in 1935 and although was in not such a pretty condition when we bought it had some great original Art Deco features which we have given a new life.

The Silky Oak Interior Doors were in a terrible state - I tossed and turned for months deciding whether to paint them white or varnish them and restore their orginal timber. Many months and a tin of estapol later the doors have come up a treat.

We took all our original brassware to S Cook & Sons here in Brisbane. Originally established in 1890 they have been in operation for 4 generations! I love that our handleware not only has a history that spans time but has now been restored and given a new life by a company that has been around for even longer. It wasn't cheap to have done - but was well worth it, and was a much nicer alternative then purchasing new handleware.

The brassware now sparkles and contrasts wonderfully with the freshly renovated doors!

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