Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Its a wet cold miserable Brisbane day today - usually perfect weather for staying indoors. However I managed to buy the gorgeous antique chase lounge above off ebay for $157 recently and had organised to pick this up this morning.

My gorgeous husband hired a trailer and we went off in the torrential rain one hour south of our house to pick it up. I must admit, I do not recomened transporting furniture in pouring rain. More so, I do not recommend loading or unloading it either!!

A few hours later, much more saturated then when we begun we have finally unloaded it into its new home. Im thinking a new coat of white paint and a big strong black and white pin stripe upholstery and its going to be well worth the effort... Pouring rain and all!

Have a lovely weekend, I hope the sun is shinning in your part of the world!

x Alischa

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  1. Oh i can't wait to see the finished product. The black and white upholstery sounds fab!


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