Monday, January 30, 2012

oh my.

My goodness, how has it been a week since we last blogged. I know I must say it all the time, but life here in the studio can just get so hectic! We've got so many big and wonderful plans for 2012, but making them happen is sure taking up a lot of time. Beautiful things don't happen easily, I've got to keep on reminding myself that.

If you follow us on intsagram or twitter you might have seen our crazy flooding photos of the last week. The rain is wonderful and it sure makes it feel like summer, But I am putting out the request into the universe that I think we have had enough for one summer already. We came about 5mm short of a flooded studio, thank fully we were saved at the very last minute and we've now got some sumbergable pumps action in place so that hopefully it cannot happen again. Fingers crossed.

You might have also seen that we got a new purchase for the studio - a Lelit Espresso machine. Thankfully it came with a 2 hour lesson - as goodness, the craft of coffee is almost as tricky as the craft of letterpress. Well, maybe, that is a slight exaggeration, but their is so much to learn! Thankfully even though our coffee is yet not fabulous, our vintage teacups sure are loving the work out.

Do you espresso? Have any tips and tricks? ?


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  1. I love espresso, and would be so excited to have one of these wonderful machines in my kitchen!!


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