Monday, January 23, 2012

maree homer :: letterpress business cards

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented photographer Maree Homer when she visited our home and studio last August (exciting news which I can share soon!). It is always a pleasure to show talented creatives our working studio and Maree loved our beautiful old beasts of Herbie, Helga and Charlie so much so that she commissioned us to design and letterpress print some gorgeous business cards to suit her new website. We instagramed some shots of our work in progress - and even managed to dribble ink all over our pantone book in the process - printing is always a messy job!

Can you believe that that spilt orange coloured ink actually prints the final yellow colour as shown in the middle swatch of the pantone book? I always think that colour mixing has got to be one of the trickiest letterpress tasks - you can never believe what you see until it prints on the press!

It was so lovely to work with Maree and we hope that the lucky receivers of her letterpress business cards will love them just as much as we loved making them!


  1. *tries not to drool on all your lovely work*

  2. These shots are excellent man, and i love those cards! keep up the good work!


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