Friday, June 24, 2011

weekend plans

My goodness, it is Friday afternoon already, how can that be?

We have had a very busy week here in the studio, we are in full swing wedding production mode with lots of weddings being delivered for late winter and spring weddings. There have been some really beautiful ones, we must make sure we show you soon.

This weekend we will be busy printing, but of the non wedding kind. We have our new print we will be printing - have you entered our giveaway for the very first print off the press? We will also be extending our greeting card range and preparing lots of our lovely swing tags, hello notecards and other stationery bits and pieces for next weekends Finders Keepers.

Today we also took delivery of some new stationery which will hit our online store soon - it isn't letterpressed, but it sure is lovely and is going to make a lovely little edition to our store of stationery goodies.

The above card is one which we have had in the online shop for a little while but haven't had a chance to show you - it is a tiny tad cheeky, but perfect for the musical kind, and that tuba sure has got a beautiful impression into the cotton paper.

See you again next week friends!

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