Thursday, June 16, 2011

karina & iman :: wedding stationery

Are you a doily lover? I will not deny it, we certainly are, so much so in fact that we have a whole cupboard just full of doily wonder. So were were a little giddy with excitement when Karina & Iman briefed us on their wedding stationery and they too mentioned that they also love doilys. Oh my, it was doily heaven!

We designed a number of invitation concepts for Karina & Iman to choose from, and we were super pleased when they chose the above design as their favourite as we predicted that this design would achieve an optimum printed impression on the press. It certainly didn't disappoint with the beautiful valleys and mountains formed by the impression of the printing plate against our 100% cotton stock. Such a beautifully tactile design!

Letterpress printed on our ivory stock in dark ivory ink and grey ink, Karina & Imans stationery suite also included reply postcards, thank you cards, swing tags and lined envelopes.

Golly gosh, I did not think it was possible, but I think we might just love doilys even more now!


  1. Aha, that looks like tatting to me! Looove anything tatted!

  2. These are beautiful... and even better I will be getting one in the mail, can't wait!!

  3. Wow, so beautiful, I love the invitations

  4. I love the design on these invitations - so beautiful!

  5. Absolutely stunning. A work of art.

    Sandy K


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