Monday, May 23, 2011

oh my

Oh my, what an amazing crazy time we had at Sydney's Finders Keepers. Huge crowds, fabulous designers, great music and visits from beautiful friends, family, blog readers, wedding clients, letterpress fans and sweet lovely blog readers. We are still climbing back down to earth after a crazy hectic weekend!

I did manage to sneak away from our stall early on Saturday morning to take some photos of my favourite designers - I will add these up onto the blog this week.

Oh my, what a weekend!!


  1. I couldn't believe how crowded the place was! We circled back to your stall three times before we could get a spot close enough to see all your gorgeous letterpress goodness!
    Thanks for making the effort to come to Sydney!!!!

  2. Finders Keepers markets provided the best saturday ever! We loved having you in Sydney, do come again soon :)

  3. oh thank you Kate and Miss Jay, do indeed love Sydney Finders Keepers - it is actually my home town, so it is so, so, so lovely to come home and even more lovely to spend a weekend surrounded by design wonders!!


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