Monday, May 16, 2011

keeping busy

Hello friends, I have missed you. Last week our lovely friends at Blogger had some issues and we were unable to upload any new posts.

To fill you in on whats been happening - Life around here has been pretty frantic lately. Dear old Herbie & Charlie have been getting mammoth work outs, we have been pulling all nighters in the print studio. My beautiful assistants Megan and Louise have been amazing pillars of strength whilst we work through one of our craziest wedding seasons yet. Where would I be without such wonderful women by my side, they allow all of this crazy amazing life to be.

And then their has been sweet Ruby to keep me company and remind me when it is dinner time - if only we could also teach her to sort through paper, mix some ink and chat to some clients maybe?

And finally amongst all the hectic franticness around here, there is the adorable Mr H - provider of love and support and lots of kisses to my weary forehead. Such a beautiful man.

It really is such a blessing to have such amazing love and support that surrounds my wee small studio - it helps make the busy frantic days run just that much smoother - with lots of laughs, the eating of sweet treats and sharing of beautiful friendship, it really is all about love around here.

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