Thursday, December 9, 2010

love adore magazine

Have you yet discovered Adore Home Magazine? If not, you will absolutely love it. I promise you.

It is australia's latest home and lifestyle magazine which is only available online. And the best thing? it is totally and absolutely free! Every little bit of me loves the magazine design - the layouts, the grids the typography. Its all just so lovely. Oh and the stories and photos - just divine!

Their second issue with a colourful summer theme is simply so delightful. I spent hours reading the magazine online - oh and don't get me started on how AMAZING it is to see a product in the mag, click the link and up it opens in a new browser window. Love, love, love, although it did result in shop, shop, shop! opps.

Make sure you keep an eye out on page 85 for our kraft christmas swing tags - these have almost all sold out, so quickly quickly if your wanting to buy some (we have free shipping too!)

You can view and read Adore Home Magazine here.

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  1. I wish I lived in Australia so I could get this magazine! Looks wonderful :) The website will have to suffice!


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