Monday, December 13, 2010

dear hands

Conversations with a very dear and wise friend had me thinking about these - my hands. These hands with which together we design, we make, we are inspired. These hands which allow all of this to be - this beautiful, crazy, hectic life. All the stress, the worry, the anxiety, the sore muscles, the frustration, the pain. Together we work to design, to produce, to deliver - just me and my little hands.

Sometimes its easy to loose sight of just how precious this all really is... This craftsmanship and all the history which goes with it. Me and these hands, holding the past and shaping it into the future. Taking the art of masters, and working it, moulding it, plying it into a feasible contemporary thing. How precious it all really is, to be holding all of this in the palm of my hands.

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  1. This is so true... was just thinking today how hard it would be to only have one hand and try to make a wheel thrown bowl. I am thankful for my little hands too.


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