Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New print in store!

We are very excited to let you know that we have finally launched a new print in our online store! It is our ode to love - the super sweet romantic kind that makes your heart a flutter, makes you feel all warm and cosy and makes you just a tad wobbly at the knees.

We have recently had this "love you the longest of time" print available at our market events. It is a limited edition run of 50 prints, and as it has been flying off our market table - we only have 10 prints left to sell via our online stall!

Quickly quickly, they are $45 each and are available here.


  1. Oh, I just snapped one of these up! It's gorgeous! It's my first wedding anniversary next April and the first year is 'paper' so how perfect. I will just have to make sure hubby doesn't find it between now and April!

    I now have two of your prints - I also have the vintage chair in olive and yellow which I just love. I will have to post some photos of them both on my blog which I have just started.

    Thxxx for another gorgeous product xx

  2. just found your blog via Happy Home and like maria above, a blog newbie. can I tell you how in love i am with the new print? love, love, love it!
    so happy to have found your blog...x

  3. That's so cute :) Are you going to do another run of these "love you" cards?

  4. i think i just found my husband's birthday present. Shhh, don't tell him!


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