Friday, August 21, 2009

beautiful beautiful magnolias

While I was in Sydney I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of my mums gorgeous magnolias. She has a great number of them scattered throughout their property and they would have to be one of my most favourite flowers ever.

Right now I have this crazy dream to live on 20 acres, with a scattering of cute black and white cows and a long winding crush gravel driveway (to be exact) which is lined with magnolias the whole way. Like mother like daughter I think... they are simply beautiful.


  1. They truly are a magnificent flower.

  2. I can relate to that dream. The magnolia's are stunning. I have planted a few in my new garden I'll be waiting awhile for them to be this big. Have a lovely weekend. Ax

  3. Magnolia's are a personal favourite of mine - I'm looking for the perfect spot to plant one of these in my garden! Happy weekend! Tracey xx

  4. Having just moved from Brissy to Tasmania this year, we are delighting in planning our garden. We have one white magnolia ready for planting, but have just 'discovered' these gorgeous magenta ones! Can't wait to find some of our own to plant now!

  5. What great photos. The colours are gorgeous. So beautiful!
    Cheers, Karen


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