Thursday, August 20, 2009

adventures in young blood land.

Ahh my lovelies, I must apologise, it has been a few busy days getting back into the swing of the studio after our little adventure down to Sydney for the Young Blood Designers Markets, and oh my, what a crazy few days it was.

Young Blood was a beautiful collection of 35 of Austalias leading emerging designers, coupled with the big old Turbine hall of the Powerhouse museum. But fill the space with several thousand eager buyers = utter chaos.

Oh dear, you poor possums who tried to visit us, we are so so so thankful for your efforts. Some of you we got to meet, others got sent home when the overcrowding became too crazy. But we so appreciate your efforts and wish we had got to meet you all. Your support of our little boutique is so very appreciated.

Amongst all the crowdedness this poor wee photo was all I managed to snap... but if you look close, you'll see some new ranges which will be launching in the next month or so!

And finally a very big thankyou to my sweet Mum who came and helped, where would I be without such a beautiful Mother??



  1. looking great!! heee! excited.

  2. Hello

    I was one of the unfortunate few who got turned away, alas. I'm glad to hear it was heaving with people though. It would have been great to meet you in person - but I'm sure some where along the line our paths may cross!


  3. Gorgeous! I have already spied something I'd like to add to my Bespoke collection... back row, 2 in from the right! lovely!!!


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