Monday, June 1, 2009

a little day trip

How was your weekend my sweets? I treated myself to a day out of the studio yesterday and went on a little road trip. Just me and the car and some very bad 80's music really.

I headed out to a little village west of Brisbane called Dayboro. A little place I had never heard of until I saw they were having a good old country festival complete with affordable antique sales. I was sold, the perfect place for a lazy sunday drive.

It was all so very quaint, I bought tea cakes from the granny's who had spent the last week baking. I indulged in my love of gorgeous old tea cups, silverware and antique loveliness. I admired the cute little barn animals and then bought a mountain of antique hand made doilies - at 50 cents each, how could I not!

Such a gorgeous atmosphere, and so lovely to have a day out and about and soak up some country atmosphere - complete with the days highlight of the Dayboro Day Pineapple Pie eating contest... oh my, I bet they had sore bellys afterwards!


  1. Oooh, we were there too! My treasure was a gorgeous vintage rose brooch and some homemade chocolate fudge... mmmmm!

  2. I am suffering jealousy over those doilies. Devine.

  3. Oh I so wish I was there! Those tea cups look so cute!


    So glad you are my blog friend.

    I love your stationery and the weddings you enhance.

    Ilana and Benjamin--a glorious wedding, and she was carrying the most beautiful bouquet ever, all palest pink peonies, very full and romantic. How lovely.

    Great good luck with your printing. Beautiful!

  5. I love nothing more than a day out in the country, I only wish I knew it was on, love those teacups.

  6. OK I am definitely going to the next one. Do you know how often they have the festivals? I remember as a kid we used to go out to Samford for the markets - it felt like a million miles away but we always loved those day trips. Call me next time!

  7. Ooh, your photos are lovely. And your letterpress shop is marvelous. My hubby and I are letterpress lovers trying to get our print studio started and you are definitely an inspiration.

  8. ohh that sounds like a delightful adventure!

  9. I grew up at Samford and had heaps of friends who lived at Dayboro, gee i wish i had been there. You found some lovely things!

  10. Oh, you had me at the floral china.

  11. The pictures of the teacups are divine!



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