Thursday, June 18, 2009

in bloom

One of the first things we did to the outside of our house after we had bought it was to have a big jungle clean up, and by jungle, I mean a succulent jungle full of aloe vera and mother in laws tongue. Someone had previously been succulent crazy and they had multiplied by the hundreds.

Over an extensive weekend we slashed back the garden and mulched the succulents to make way for a new tropical garden. There was this one big scraggly looking bush tucked down the side of our house. Planted in a garden bed of gravel, it was the most strange location for this big ugly sad looking bush, we wanted it gone and we wanted it gone quick, but my mum was adamant it must stay.

And now I see why. The scraggly big bush has turned out to bear the sweetest pink camellia flowers which are now dotted around our home in crystal bud vases. Mum was right, it looks like the gravel garden and the scraggly bush are here to stay after all.


  1. OH that is GORGEOUS!!!! And my friend just named her baby Camellia so I love it!

  2. Oh Alischa I am so glad you listened, your Camellia is gorgeous!


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