Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My dear friends, I apologise for my blogging delays. After 4 lovely days in Dubai, a day and a half traveling back home and a serious case of jet lag we are back to almost back to normality.

Dubai was a crazy wonderful city! We naturally spent alot of time shopping... Quite clearly when its 37'c outside its the only thing to do! The malls are simply enormous and if you fancy an indoor snow ski, don't worry, you can do that whilst you do the rounds of a mall. Simply incredible!

We explored the Souqs (markets) and traveled out to the Textile Souq in Sharjah to purchase linen for my new silk screen printed range to be launched shortly! Obviousally not many tourists head out this way to bargain for fabrics. My poor sales man couldn't work out if I was Arabic or Iranian and kept on asking me which one I was. Im guessing blonde haired blue eyed Aussies don't venture into those neck of the woods too often!

One of my favourite places we visited was the Basta Art Cafe located in the Bastakia Quarter. Located next to the gorgeous The Majlis Gallery, this cafe was a cool tranquil peaceful change after the hectic dubai streets. Set in a leafy courtyard the Basta Special Juice of Mint, Lime and Pineapple is simply the most refreshing thing you can find and teamed with a delicious salad with roasted beetroot and fetta it was simply perfect!

So after a long journey home it was wonderful to arrive back in balmy Queensland. On my list of things to do on our arrival was to walk our dog Ruby, who was most excited to see us, although I did get terribly sunburnt back in our harsh australian sunshine! Use our beautiful big bath sheets after lazing in our own new bathroom - the little floor mat sized towels we found in most of Europe really just didn't cut the mustard! And then finally doze in our big comphy bed and reminise about all the wonderful adventures the last 5 weeks - And what a wonderful trip it was, I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as we have!

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  1. What a wonderful, wonderful trip you have had.....such wonderful memories.. they will last a lifetime... or be layered with new ones if you have the fortune to go back again! Thanks for sharing them with us. A-M xx


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