Thursday, October 30, 2008

Calling all Brisbanites

Recently while flicking through the latest copy of Frankie Magazine I came across a small article on Morsbags and decided to check it out.

Started in the UK this website has been developed to help crafters, sewers and environmentalists to get together across the globe to form pods. These pods gather together over a cup of tea (or bottle of wine), chocolate cake, and their sewing machines. Using pieces of fabric found from recycled sources together they use the Morsbags bag template to create environmentally friendly shopping bags. The idea is then to get out in the community and give away the bags to encourage shoppers to say no to plastic bags.

Now im not a raging environmentalist but I do believe that we can all do our little bit to help the world. Plus im a huge fan of carrying my own over sized shopping bag whilst out shopping. It really is so much easier then carrying plastic bags, plus fashion wise, it really is so much more appealing!

And above all else sitting down with a group of lovely crafty ladies for an afternoon of laughter, sewing and meeting new friends sounds too good to resist! Did I also mention the massive collection of fabric scraps I have collected over the years? It would be so fabulous to finally put these to good use.

There aren't many pods yet here in Australia, so I have started the first Brisbane Pod group called Brisbane Bag Ladies. If your interested in joining this pod or starting your own head over to Morsbags and join up!


  1. This sounds like heaps of fun Alischa!! I am currently putting together some recycled bag designs for my next collection. I agree - there is a need for some more design orientated bags!! this could prove to be some great sewing practice too!!

    I will have to join the pod - I reckon I know a few others that might be keen also..

  2. What a fantastic idea. If you want to spread the word, give 'Brisbane Extra' a call. They are always looking for interesting community stories. Yes those plastic bags... while my son was doing his Ecology of Norman Creek project, under the supervision of a teacher last week, he found a dead possum with a plastic bag down it's throat. The bag had a nut in it and the poor little thing had tried to retrieve it and choked on the plastic bag. Heart breaking to think that this is happening in every ecosystem. A-M xx

  3. Oh what a terribly sad story. So sad for a young person to have to see!

    Once I can see if I can get a good group of sewers together I may just give them a call :)


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