Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mother's Day cards now available!

We have been busy little bees working on two gorgeous new Mother's Day card designs which we are so excited to introduce to you all today! Both cards feature beautiful shiny hot copper foil letterpress printed on Helga, our beast of a 1972 Heidelberg letterpress.

The first is a simply adorable "Love you mum" with a very cute little love heart printed on a gorgeous grey card and includes a sweet salmon pink envelope. This card is $6.95 and currently available here in our online shop.

The second is a luxuriously beautiful "Happy Mother's Day to my darling Mum" which features shiny copper foiling as well as blush pink and fresh mint ink with a gorgeous wreath of flowers. Throughout all our years of letterpress printing, this card would have to be one of our all time favourite cards we have designed and printed! This square card comes with a lovely kraft envelope and currently available in our online shop for $8.25 here.

Both have been printed in limited quantities so you would need to get in quick to snap one of these beauties up for your lovely mum!

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  1. I've been reading your blog for years. And I must say, you guys keep getting better and better. I am so impressed and excited whenever I see your products and new blog posts :D


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